5 Jewellery Brands that Retain Their Value with Time

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Jewellery has always been an integral part of human history and the demand for the elegant designer jewellery items has only continued to grow despite their towering prices. While jewellery manifested one’s social status, family heritage and significance in earlier days, people today wear jewellery for many reasons. Some may wear a diamond necklace or a bracelet to exhibit their individuality, whereas you may wear your engagement ring to profess your love.

Like cars and luxury watches, the value of your jewellery asset will vary according to its brand, be it is vintage or new and many other relevant factors. Indeed, some designer brands are more valuable than others and retain their value well over the time.

Here are the top five jewellery brands that are the most valuable and eventually, can fetch you a higher price when you sell your jewellery item to any reliable jewellery buyer in London

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