Persevere No Matter What!

Whitney Ibe Blog!...Always With You

Hello everyone! One of my favourite stories is the story of a farmer whose mule fell into a well. Since there was no way to get him out, the farmer decided to bury him there. But the mule had a different idea. Initially, when the shovels of dirt started landing on his back, he became hysterical. Then this thought struck him; “Just shake it off, and step on it. So he did.” Hour after hour, as the dirt fell on him, he kept telling himself, “Just shake it off, and step on it!”

No matter how much dirt they threw on him, he just kept shaking it off and stepping on it, until finally, he stepped triumphantly out of the well. Life will either bury you or bless you; the difference lies in having the right attitude. When they throw dirt on you, and they will just shake it…

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