My 5 Tools of Social Organisation | Business

Nikki McCaig

Organising schedules can either be the bane of your life, or your best tool in staying on top of your game. You either thrive on planners and diaries, or loathe the very notion of appointments and deadlines. Unfortunately, whether you’re a lover or a hater of the uber-organised system, to keep our stress levels at a minimum and our lives in order, we all need some form of structure in our professional lives.

Since becoming a full time freelancer, I’ve honestly been loving the time I can spend organising various elements of my life and career. From categorising my finances to filling out my daily goals planners, it’s been something that has genuinely stopped me from spiralling at the amount of items on my to-do list. And it’s even helped me to refine my focus on my goals and achievements of the day, to become more socialable, more health-focussed, and…

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