10 Books That Will Make You Want To Travel

Reading Under The Blankie

I love discovering new places. You see, I didn’t say I love travelling, because that would be a lie. I hate travelling. I can’t stand being at the airport, all that stress and general chaos just grinds on my nerves. Arriving in a foreign country isn’t much more pleasant either. Either the dude who’s supposed to give us a lift to the hotel is missing, in hiding, late, or the metro system is confusing, or the bus timetable and route is undecipherable. Something’s always up, I’m telling you. By the time I arrive to my accommodation I’m so wrecked I just want to crawl under a blankie and never make eye contact with any human ever again.

Thankfully I’m quite good at recovering, and once I’m where I’m supposed to be, I’m in my element. I enjoy wandering around, sitting in cute cafes and just watch people or rolling…

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