Orange Cake with Mascarpone Cheese Frosting

Finger licking Flavours


Ever since I started cooking,baking had always been my first love and that too baking cakes.This used to be the only sweet dish that I relished during my childhood days and had voracious appetite for it.The colorful frosting over the cakes use to be so fascinating and the way it was licked before biting into the sponge was like attaining divine pleasure.img_20180715_152630396~21260051050..jpg

Even now I love frosted cakes and like to frost cake occasionally especially during the birthdays of my daughters as it satisfies my creative side.But over the years my preference for the dry cakes of different flavors have taken over frosted cakes.May be because I can bake and enjoy it along with my family often.The orange cake which I made today was baked with the intention of consuming it without frosting.But the idea of keeping it without frosting had to succumb to the nearing expiry date of…

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