Imho, spiritual knowledge is True sovereign power!  By reacquainting ourselves with our True Power, we begin to realign ourselves with Source consciousness, thereby, opening channels to explore our purest forms of potentiality. Knowing the laws/principles that governs this matrix is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal as you continue the process of navigating your physical/spiritual transmutation.

If you were to think of the matrix as a holographic simulation program, then the Universal laws would be the codes used to create that program. You will be familiar with some of these laws but had no idea you were using them.

In addition, you may know some of the laws by different names since they were often cited from various sources such as: thoth’s hermetic principles, biblical parables, manuscripts from secret societies, even physics, to name a few.

Note:  As you increase your spiritual conscious awareness, the meanings of the…

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