5 Tips That Led Me To A Healthier Lifestyle


If you know me really well, then you know I have an undeniable and everlasting love for fried chicken. I live by: “I’m here for a good life, not a long one.” While this motto has allowed me to indulge in the greatest foods life has to offer, it’s also gotten me into some trouble with my health and body confidence. Growing up, I was already diagnosed with high cholesterol early on in life. With a combination of genetic inheritance and poor lifestyle choices, I wasn’t exactly surprised, but I didn’t exactly do anything about it either. It was always the same broken record at my yearly checkup: eat your fruits and veggies, limit fried foods, and EXERCISE! Even though I was an athlete in high school, I wouldn’t say it made my health better… I think that being in sports gave me an excuse to continue eating terribly. I…

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