Cape Range National Park: Days 4-7


Day 4: Swimming with Whale Sharks

Every year from March to August, the world’s biggest fish congregate along the Ningaloo Reef. The opportunity to swim with these gentle giants was one of the main reasons why we chose to head to Ningaloo Reef and even tour the Western Coast.

The weather and water conditions were perfect, shimmering blue waters surrounding me and a near-cloudless sky overhead.

Our tour started at 8.30am (we very nearly missed the boat due to Jules procrastination – I think tiredness has finally kicked in from the sleepless, sweaty nights.)

The tour began with a snorkel on the coral gardens of the Ningaloo Reef Lagoon, were we saw a few turtles and many smaller, colorful fish.

While the morning snorkel session is taking place, spotter planes head up to locate the whale sharks along the outer edge of Ningaloo Reef.

The mood on deck is relaxed but that…

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