To Focus or Not to Focus: WPC

Travels and Trifles

“Focusing is about saying no.”

Steve Jobs


There are so many ways to interpret this week’s challenge “Focus“.  As Steve Jobs viewed it, it can refer to a focus on the task at hand – eliminating distractions by having the strength to say no. Birds, like the cattle egret in my opening shot, have an amazing ability to focus on their prey as they study the environment from a nearby perch or while soaring high above.


A photographer needs rectangular eyeballs and horse blinders to frame and focus the vision of what is seen.”

Roy Stryker

Personally, I tend to think of focus more in terms of photographer Roy Stryker’s view.  To me focus is more about what my camera sees and how I want to present it in my photography.  The capture above uses one of my favorite methods, a vertical pan, which…

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