11 Solo Trips to Take in 2017


11-solo-trips-to-take-inJust a little over 13 months ago I started traveling solo – and I fell in love. I strongly encourage everyone to travel at least once solo in their life. The things you are going to learn about yourself are going to change you. You are strong, you are fiercely independent, you are a problem solver, and most importantly, you are going to learn to love your company – because you are enough.

Here are 11 trips to travel solo this year:

  1. Iceland – it only seems fitting that I would start with my first solo trip. Iceland changed me in a way I will never be able to comprehend into words for you to read – but just know that this country, this small island, is full of magic around every corner. From waterfalls to the Northern Lights to glaciers – you are going to love it.

    16425906_10158220151670083_5500377369273158723_n Glacier Lagoon

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