The tools of an artist.

I am Pam Holland

I lost a long blog that I prepared a few days ago,  so I decided to just add the images as a photo journal.

These are the creators of the famous Ox Carts of Sarchi Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, ox carts (carretas in the Spanish Language) were an important aspect of the daily life not only there but also in india and commerce, especially between 1850 and 1935, developing a unique construction and decoration tradition that is still being developed. Costa Rican parades and traditional celebrations are not complete without a traditional ox cart parade.

In 1988, the traditional ox cart was declared as National Symbol of Work by the Costa Rican government.

In 2005, the “Oxherding and Oxcart Traditions in Costa Rica” were included in UNESCO‘s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


The tools of an artist.


Then there are the makers…

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