Train travel. I choo-choo-choose you.


I share this with you because I’m a lover of train travel and I’m fascinated by people and places.

The mystery and the romance of the rails. The mystery and the romance of the rails.

National Train Day is a coast-to-coast celebration of America’s love of trains. It marks the anniversary of the driving of the “golden spike” completing the transcontinental railroad in Promontory Summit, Utah, 145 years ago. Sponsored by Amtrak, 2014 is the 7th National Train Day and all events are free.

Amtrak, in a recent message to their employees: Trains. They go around Christmas trees. People collect them. They can be cartoon characters that entertain children. They move people and things from one place to another. But the great thing is, that’s not all—the popularity of trains extends further than many realize. They facilitate connections. They unite families. They help communities to build and grow.

Baltimore’s B&O Railroad Museum is planning a special day:


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