Salvaged Hardware

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When thinking of architectural salvage, the first thing that comes to mind are all the large architectural pieces like doors, mantels, ornate gingerbread and large columns. When Southern Accents salvages any property, we do our best to take every usable item that can be safely removed from the building. This includes hardware. Naturally, we take all the hardware attached to the doors, but we also take it a step further by removing hardware from windows, wall heaters, cabinets, and shutters. We are continually amazed with all the creative ways our customers reuse and repurpose these salvaged hardware items!

Walking through our showroom you will see one of the south’s largest collections of hardware on display. While rare, one-of-a-kind pieces may be in a show case, you will also find bins, buckets, and wood crates filled with fun and unusual hardware pieces. Door knobs made from brass, glass, porcelain and iron…

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