How to Organize your Life Using Microsoft OneNote

At Home with Tech

If you suffer from ‘yellow-stickie-syndrome,’ I’ve got the perfect digital solution to help eliminate your analog clutter.

I have a problem with paper. It’s those little yellow stickies, to be precise. Whenever I have an idea or need to remember a detail, I quickly jot it down and stick my thought onto my home office desk. Needless to say, it’s not a strategy for organization. That said, whenever I complete a task, I take great pleasure in crumpling up the little stickie and throwing it in the basket behind me. Swish!

I know there are better ways to organize your personal to-do notes, and I do have digital solutions in place (Apple’s ‘Notes’).

I Love my Yellow Stickies
But my yellow stickie fix still remains in my personal preferences.

I must admit I like having those little reminders facing me when I sit down with my cup of Joe in…

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