Do You Have What It Takes to Thrive in a 4-Day Work Week?

Your Work, Your Way

Since the pandemic has ripped up the 9 to 5 playbook, managers are finally realizing that work doesn’t have to mean face time in the office al day, every day. Workers are making it clear that flexible, remote, and work from home arrangements are the future of the workplace.

The four-day workweek has been an experiment happening around the world with considerable success. As with other flexible working arrangements, the four-day work week does not mean less work. It means all the work in less time. That means it’s not for everyone, and managers must set clear expectations and choose the right people to succeed in a compressed working environment.

Michelle Fox, writing for CNBC online, says, “…fewer days doesn’t mean less work. Instead, it’s a matter of productivity, organization, and prioritization. Communication is streamlined, meetings are canceled.” It takes a special person to manage, let alone thrive, in…

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