Package 4 – Photography Lessons

photo credit: Getty Images

Starting at $50/session, minimum two sessions.

There are no end of free or low-cost tutorials on YouTube on the basics of photography but to schedule some one-on-one consultation time to learn your camera settings, or to use professional equipment before you commit to buying your own camera, contact me and we will develop a lesson plan for you.

Photography is easy and fun and for many people comes quite naturally.

“It is a poor worker who blames their tools.”


SLR stands for “single lens reflex” and the D stands for Digital. The basics of your DSLR professional-grade camera are the same no matter how much money you spend. If you have not mastered composition of frame, if you do not understand how to calculate depth-of-field by adjusting your aperture and shutter speed–if you do not know how all the basic functions of how a professional…

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