How to stay focus and concentrate better

Vir Glarea

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

How many of you often wish that you can remove all the distractions whenever you need to do something? In this fast-paced generation, focus is becoming more and more crucial towards our careers and success.

Do you know how many times you looked at your phone while doing something? How about browsing the net or your social media accounts only to find out that it is already 2am in the morning? Technology has been one of the culprit why our attention span starts to degrade.

Collegeinfogeek has a good take on this how our brain adapts to changes similar to how we adapt with the social media and technology;

Every time you check Twitter or Instagram, there are new mentions, comments, and photos waiting for you. Every time you look at the sidebar on YouTube or on most blogs, there are interesting headlines that…

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