TCL 20S Smartphone

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In the last few years, the budget to midrange market for smartphones has become insanely competitive with many brands offering consumers a plethora of choices in both features and price. TCL is relatively new in this space but their recent 20S smartphone is yet another choice for those seeking value in the mobile space.

The spiritual successor to last year’s TCL 10L, the 20S doesn’t look remarkably different than most glass slab phones. It has a big and bright 6.67-inch curved FHD+ LCD screen with selfie cut out and a frosted shimmery ‘glastic’ (glass looking plastic) and quad-camera array on the back. Coming in at a very reasonable 7 ounces, it also feels very light and comfortable in the hand. There is no high refresh rate here but the welcome return of TCL’s NXTVISION display engine, keeps the display punchy and rich and it looks great.

Flanking the edges of…

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