Camera Angles for Your Food Photography

Cooking Without Limits

Camera angles are just important as everything else. Choosing the right angle can make your photo more powerful. Also, choosing a camera angle is subjective and personal. It gives an identity to the photographer.

I am trying to visualize my photos before starting to shoot, so I have an idea about my composition and my props.

Straight on

It is great for pancakes stack, desserts with lots of layers, smoothies, sandwiches, burgers, etc. You will need a simple background that will not take the look from your photo.

Top down

The camera is on top of the food and it gives a contemporary look. If you use narrow lenses you can reduce distortion at the edges of the frame.

It gives you a really nice story about your food, about colors and textures. You can shoot wide or tight to get all the props or all the details.

Diner’s angle

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