Beat the cravings and learn to eat better

Live Love Authentically

Hi lovelies, Lauren here and today I’m here to chat about those pesky cravings and how to eat better. This is something I can confidently say that a lot us struggle with, whether this be due to boredom, emotional eating, or convenience. The first task is finding out which category you fall into and it may be more than one, guilty! For me I’m all three, but my biggest one has to be convenience, I mean just last night I was ready to make a healthy meal and went through the freezer for one of the ingredients and you know what I saw? A Mac and Cheese ready meal, and I’d had a long day painting a fence so I went straight for that instead! 🙃 Now, had I planned my meal in advance I would have been less likely to do that! I’m going to address all three mentioned…

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