Shristy Singh

Hey everyone!! So today’s painting is very special for me because this is my first painting with watercolors , you don’t need too much supplies for making this painting you just need a water colour and a brush which comes along with this watercolor pack. I have used Camlin Artist Water Colour which comes in 18 assorted shades these are very good water colours. The brush quality is also good which comes along with it. I have received this watercolor yesterday!!

Ok so, moving in to our first step!

Step 1:- First you have to draw a rough sketch of flowers and leaves by using pencil.

Don’t use a dark pencil, make a ligh sketch of flowers and leaves.

Step 2:- Then start filling colours to the flowers and leaves.


1. Water colour.

2. Round Brush no. 02

3. Paper

4. Water

And your painting is done!!

Stay Safe…

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