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Hey Oreos! Welcome or Welcome back to my blog😁

I’ve put together some of my favourite blogging tips for today’s post – I hope you’ll find this helpful!

disclaimer: I’m not a professional blogger, I’ve only written this post to help others, and share some tips I’ve seen around the blogosphere.

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Make your posts skim-readable

Truth is, not everyone reads your post word by word. To be honest, I don’t either, sometimes.

So I appreciate when I get the message from the post, even if I don’t actually read every part of it. Some things you could do to make your posts skim-read-able:

  • Use the “heading” block so the specific text stands out
  • Use different colors
  • Make the keywords bold

Use images to break up text

This kind of relates to the first point – I am most likely to skim read a post…

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