Start A New Habit

Be Inspired..!!

Start making trains out of safety matches. Raise cobras. Put tiny vessels into tiny bottles. Do whatever it takes to move your mind from your problems for a while. And if you can create something nice in the process, why not doing it?

A hobby it’s like a game you play seriously. You set up a time and space for it but you do it especially for fun. It’s like your own private territory where nobody can trespass without your authorization.

Hobbies are in fact just infant passions, markers for something which can become even bigger. Treat them nicely and they can eventually evolve into grown up passions that will fuel your life with enthusiasm and fulfillment.

Be serious about playing with your hobbies.

Why A Hobby Is Good For You

If you are a regular visitor of this blog you know that I consider that I have only two…

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