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A lot is written about consuming lesser calories for weight loss. Crash diets, designer diets and what not!

For the one on the path to health a fundamental knowledge may be of great aid.

It is true that one Kcal(what we call as calorie) from whatever source, be it ice cream or burger or salad contains 4184 joules of energy. So far so good.

Ghrelin is an important gut hormone whose hallmark functions are its stimulatory effects on food intake, fat deposition and growth hormone release. It is famously known as the “hunger hormone”. The more the ghrelin secreted, the hungrier you are. However, the functions of ghrelin go well beyond hunger.

When we eat foods containing processed sugars like ice creams and candy, fructose is released in the body. Whereas fructose present in whole fruits is combined with fiber, water and other minerals. Fruits also need…

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