Belgium: Travel tips

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Belgium is an incredibly beautiful country with medieval cities. The unique architecture and cobblestone streets are evoking a feeling of history and cultural heritage. Belgium is a small country and it’s very easy to go from one city to another. This is so convenient because you can explore more places for a limited period.

We visited Belgium in the fall. It was an ideal time: tourist season was almost over, streets and cafes weren’t crowded, no line for attractions or tours. It was very quiet, peaceful, and cozy. The fall weather was absolutely lovely and refreshing. Nothing, but just perfect!

We had only 8 days of vacation and with my “tourist appetite,” it’s problematic. I always want to see everything what possible and this time we actually did it. We visited four cities without rushing. We went to Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Leuven.

8 day vacation plan:

We arrived at…

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