4 ways to be more productive

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Use your diary to plant the seeds of future action. Photo by Calista Tee on Unsplash

Productivity is obviously subjective.  This is proved by the fact that we tend to worry far more about our own productivity than anyone else’s.  We challenge ourselves, but it is a painful holding to account.  Many of us fail, in our own eyes, to ‘get things done’.  It is one of the most common things I hear depressed clients say: ‘I haven’t done enough today’.

To a certain extent, it is an illusion.  I wish I could persuade those clients how little it matters how much they ‘get done’.  But I must work with their subjective worlds, and their value systems; and if it matters to them, then it matters to me.  In helping clients to ‘get things done’, I have most success with the following four tactics…


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