Trucking On: 2021 Lexus GX460

Limited Slip Blog

In the grand scheme of automotive evolution, the Lexus GX460 is old. Really old. Body-on-frame, full-time 4×4, naturally aspirated V8 old. There was a time when the market was flush with models that shared those traits. But just like the Coelacanth was left behind by modern day fish, the GX460s ancestors evolved into modern crossovers. Engine downsizing, unibodies, hybridization, all-wheel-drive; the “modern” SUV has changed dramatically in the GS460s lifetime. And yet, it remains. What’s more, it now that it stands to be the only midsize SUV left that offers such a feature set. For many, that stands to be quite favorable.

The continued favorability of the GX460, in my opinion, stems from the same place that spurs on the Toyota 4Runner’s sales figures. As someone who has owned a Toyota FJ Cruiser for the last 6 years, the Toyota 4Runner retains all of the 4×4 capability with an extra…

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