A “Flutter” of Fascinating Butterfly Facts

Smarty Pants Kids

Now that the warm weather is here, perhaps you’ve seen some butterflies, flit-flutteringanimated-butterfly-image-0004around your yard or neighborhood?

The butterfly is truly amazing. Check out these fun facts to see if you agree…

Fact #1 – a group of butterflies is called a “flutter.”

Fact #2 – The butterflies eyes are made up of 6,000 lenses. They can even see ultraviolet light.

2125767_largeFact #3 – Butterflies have a tube-like tongue called a “proboscis.” They use their tongue to soak up nectar.

Fact #4 – The wings of a butterfly move in a figure-eight pattern.

Fact #5 – Some regions have so many caterpillars feeding at one time you can hear the “munching” sound.

Fact #6 – Butterflies are considered to be cold-blooded, just like reptiles.

Fact #7 – Skipper Butterflies are so fast, they can outpace a horse!

Fact #8 – Scientists once thought butterflies were deaf. However, in 1912, they…

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