7 ways to get a visa and move to Japan

Chrispy, your man in Japan

The decision

Back in 2016, a life changing event in my life motivated me to try working overseas. I was decided between Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I decided on Japan in the end as 1. Geographically, it was close enough to Singapore 2 The food was similar, at the very least, rice is a staple. 3 For better or worse, the work culture supposedly had similarities.

I then went about researching how to go to Japan. Here is how I eventually received my visa in Japan and also 4 other ways to get a visa to stay in Japan.

1 Teaching English

Teaching english seems to be the most common path for foreigners to work and live in Japan, especially for English speakers. For jobs as an English teachers, there are several avenues to explore.

JET program

Many countries offer a few JET placements to schools across Japan…

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