10 Ways to Make your Home Office more Zen

Pacific Blues

I love the newer Japandi interior design aesthetics. Japandi combines the best of the minimal and neutral Scandi style with that of the Japanese Zen approach. With many of us WFHing (working from home) through Covid-19 lockdowns, how our home office looks, feels and functions is vitally important, and the Japandi and Zen influences in design gives us one way through these times.

With Japandi as your home office design aesthetic you also gain from two philosophies of life. Scandinavian design drives from the hygge principles of warmth and cosiness. And we all want that for an office space we may be forced to spend many hours working in. Zen design speaks to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which is a little harder to explain.

Basically wabi-sabi has been ingrained in Japanese culture for eons, and is to do with how the Japanese approach and think of beauty. Wabi sabi…

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