5 Blogging Mistakes I Make Because I’m Lazy

Happy Panda

I am an extremely lazy person who should be made the queen of *Procrasti-NATION*. My laziness unfortunately comes in the way of me achieving a lot including making this blog bigger and better. If you are a new blogger, here are some mistakes I make because I’m lazy but you should totally avoid.

Mistake #1:Not replying to comments

I love interacting with bloggers but sometimes I get lazy and postpone replying to comments until I eventually just totally forget to reply. I love getting comments – they are the main reason I write. But when I’m lazy – I’m just lazy. If you are a new blogger, definitely make sure to reply to all the comments you get – that’s how you find your blogging family and make friends from around the world.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Mistakes #2:Not marketing my blog

I don’t know…

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