after dark

A walk with my camera

Streetlights on a few major roads in Tacloban City are already lighted,  but a large part of the city is still in the dark.  Public transport vehicles are very rarely seen in the early evening, as are people who are living outside the downtown area.  Nighttime activities in this once busy city have been reduced to virtually none.


Without electricity, karaoke bars and beer houses are out of business.  People looking for entertainment, like these two friends sharing a 1-liter bottle of beer, make do with music from a cellphone accompanied by a flashlight spun around as if it were a disco ball.


This scene could be anytime past midnight on any night back then…


Hundreds of commuters would have been waiting for their ride on this street corner, and where there were many public transport jeepneys double-parked on the streets waiting for passengers, none can be seen tonight.  The…

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