Sheep River Road Cycle Trip

Alisen Dopf

May 13, 2021

I have cycled this route for decades, but it has really grown in popularity over the last 2-4 years. Even just 5 years ago, I cycled from Turner Valley and decided to count the number of cars on the road – it was less than 10 both ways! Yesterday was an absolute zoo. The photos below are from various trips over the years.

The Sheep River Road is closed from December 1st and reopens May 15th. The gates are at the Sandy McNabb campground. Please note that this is an equestrian area, and there is parking for horse trailers. Do not block these areas.

Access is via Turner Valley, which is a small town and not used to the hoards descending upon them. Please drive SLOWLY through town. There is an RCMP detachment, as well as the Peace Officers swing through occasionally. Don’t make your eagerness to…

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