Google Pixel 6 could stabilize the camera game

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Google Pixel 6 could stabilize the camera game

The next Pixel smartphone from Google was tipped this week to get a camera system complete with next-level stabilization. Given Google’s effective changing of the game with the first Google Pixel smartphone and computational photography, the device maker’s work with cameras in each new Pixel device is worth paying attention to. While this is not the first time a gimbal system has been included with a smartphone’s built-in camera setup, it could be the first time we get access to said feature on a smartphone here in the United States.

As we saw with the Vivo X50 Pro approximately one year ago, a gimbal in a smartphone camera array is, indeed, a realistic prospect. The inclusion of this feature on that smartphone hasn’t exactly spurred the rest of the smartphone universe to follow along. BUT, as is often the case, once a company like Vivo does the work of including a feature…

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