Beginner programming tips I wish I were taught


Howdy folks.

Starting a programming career is an exciting and terrifying time. Complicated logic with an abundance of keywords can make anyone turn tail and run. But not you. No, you are going to make it. Why? Because I’m gonna tell you some things that I wish I knew before I started. I hope this helps.

1. Getting started is the hardest part

When I first started I thought it was easy. Learning simple programs in basic and thinking “man, this is it. I’m an expert. I’m unstoppable”. But once i started c++, I took a full year off because I got too confused and it hurt my ego. I was nothing. Seriously felt like I was a bigger idiot than the people who sell crypto at a loss. A bigger fool than the common jester. However, this did not last as my skill started to develop. I realized certain…

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