Urban Armor Gear Monarch, Pathfinder, Pylo, and Civilian Provide that Stealth Look for the Galaxy S21 Ultra | Review

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Urban Armor Gear

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a rather interesting smartphone mainly because it only comes in two colors unless you buy it from Samsung directly, in which case there are some other exclusive colors available to you. However I’d bet that most of us who have the phone only have it in either Phantom Black or Phantom Silver. Personally I have it in Phantom Black because that all matte-black color just looked so good and stealthy. However, having it wrapped in case meant that I’d be sacrificing those good looks for protection. However, depending on the case you get, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you still want to keep that all matte-black look and still be protected, you have options. Urban Armor Gear has those options for you with their current line-up of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cases, as long as you choose the right colors.

Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder


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