478 Mile Mercedes EQS brings Top Of Range electric luxury

Revv It Up

Fast-building its EQ family, Mercedes-Benz brings all-electric power to the flagship of the brand: the S-Class. After months of teasing, it has finally given the all-new EQS a proper world premiere. The electric sedan explores the highest echelons of the electric market with a range that pushes 500 miles, a sleek, slippery design that Mercedes defines as the world’s most aerodynamic, and more tech than some Silicon Valley zip codes.

The EQS becomes the latest step in Mercedes’ Ambition 2039 plan that aims to create a fully carbon-neutral new car fleet within two decades. The car follows the EQC crossover, EQV van and EQA hatchback Mercedes-EQ introduced previously, and takes its place at the top of the EQ family. Mercedes intends for plug-in vehicles to push their way to over half its sales by as early as 2030, and the EQS makes some strong arguments certain to wrest sales from the ICE…

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