How to write a 300 word synopsis

Uninspired Writers

Writing a synopsis is the enemy for many writers. It’s so tough to summaries your novel into a 1,000 words, or one page. What’s even harder, is when an agency/publisher asks for a super teeny tiny synopsis of 300 words. But this does happen. I once shared a step-by-step guide to writing a synopsis, but here are some extra tips to help when writing one that’s super small.

Bullet point each chapter
Start with a bullet point list for each chapter. Just a few words or a sentence of what happens in each scene. This way you’ll have an outline of the whole story, which is a perfect starting point.

Reduce your list to key plot points
While all scenes are important, a brief synopsis requires you to be brutal. Cut down your list to those really essential, key plot points. Think setup, inciting incident, important twists/revelations, the dark…

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