11 Habits You Need To Give Up To Be Successful

Anna's Styles

Habits that you imbibe work like a strong force in your life – they can either push you ahead or hold you back. You don’t realize the significance of habits, good and bad, until they begin to have an impact on your productivity. I’ve always been an over thinker, which is good when what I wish to say or do needs a proper analysis but this habit is exactly what leaves me feeling worried about the tiniest of things. To combat this habit, I have to keep myself engaged in some or the other activity, be it work or a hobby, so as to leave no room for overthinking and to happily get through the day.

Habits aren’t always bad. Sometimes, being in possession of a good habit is why some people find themselves to be successful in whatever they do. A neighbor of mine, despite being 70 years old…

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