The Importance of Self-Care For Writers

Uninspired Writers

We are all too aware of how tough times are right now, and self-care has never been more important. Not just for writers, of course, but for everybody. However, this is a writing blog, and so it is the importance of self-care for writers I am focusing on here today. Discussing burnout, relaxing, and getting started again, I hope this advice will help you take some time for yourself.

The impact of burnout
Burnout is a very real side effect of being overworked, over tired and overwhelmed. It’s all very well to push yourself towards your goals, but with all your other commitments too, it’s important to get balance between what keeps you busy, and taking time to chill. For writers, the impact of burnout usually leads to less productivity, writer’s block, a lack of ideas and inspiration, and feelings of self-doubt. It can become tempting to give…

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