Dark Chocolate Hazelnut (Nutella) Cream Pie

Baker on the Run

Y’all, I’ve now made four iterations of Nutella cream pie in the last ten days… or maybe it’s only been a week. Time makes no sense anymore, after all. But in an effort not to let the perfect be the enemy of the exceptionally delicious, I’m going to post the recipe I created for what I’m calling a dark chocolate hazelnut cream pie. There will be a milk chocolate/Nutella variation in future, which I haven’t quite nailed. But Pi(e) Day approaches! And I know you might want to plan ahead.

My Nutella cream pie adventure began about a week ago both in anticipation of Pi(e) Day! And because the rest of the internet is woefully mistaken about what it seems to think constitutes a Nutella cream pie. Searching for such a thing will lead you down a rabbit hole of inane recipes that include cream cheese! That tout its “no-bake”…

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