10 Favourite Travel Photographs

Life at No. 22

A travel photography challenge when nottravelling.

I was asked a while back byDeb at Debs Worldvia Instagram to share my favourite all-time travel snaps. Well, that proved harder than I thought. Indecisiveness ruled for days until I decided to use photographs that I haven’t shared previously on my blog. Not all these photographs will necessarily be the best photographically, or our most memorable; all photos were randomly picked on the day I wrote this post.

Let me take you on a journey from when we had a home on four wheels to other trips’ when it was just a suitcase and us with various transport modes. All travel options from our backyard to the rest of the world was ours to appreciate, which we did.

One with nature – Aotearoa – 2007

This was one of those rare moments where luck and timing perfect themselves.

Lake Dunston, N.Z…

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