Coffee Eclairs (Video)

The Gastronomy Gal

Satisfy you sugar cravings with these decadent coffee-flavored eclairs, consisting of crispy choux pastry filled with coffee whipped cream. It’s a dessert you didn’t know you needed!

Coffee + choux pastry is an addicting combination that many people will love! These coffee eclairs have a crisp exterior, a coffee-flavored cream, and a coffee glaze, all topped with a white chocolate drizzle and chopped almonds. It sounds rather sweet, but isn’t since choux pastry is not sweet at all. While the eclairs are decadent, they taste light and are perfect for breakfast or dessert.

First off, what is an eclair?

An eclair is a long pastry that is puffed up by steam from water, butter, milk, and eggs. The pastry is not sweetened at all so all sweeteners come from fillings and toppings. An eclair should be slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The pastry dough is…

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