Sticky Cinnamon Apple Galette (Vegan)

Nourishing Amy

A simple homemade dessert with a flaky sweet pastry and sticky cinnamon apples. Topped with some thick yoghurt, ice cream or custard, it makes a delicious vegan and wholesome dessert.

I love apple season and they are one of my favourite fruits to bake with, snack on or turn into breakfast recipes. To celebrate full-on cosy mode as the temperatures dip in the UK, I turned my attention to a galette. This style of free-form pastry tart is much easier and more rustic than a classic tart and pretty much anything goes. While this recipe calls for classic plain flour, check out the gluten-free pastry here which you could also use.

Sticky Cinnamon Apple Galette
Sticky Cinnamon Apple Galette

I made this during the first week of autumn (or Fall) and it was so warming, and the aromas instantly brightened my mood. It was also within the first few days of welcoming home our…

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