5 Productivity Tips for the Online Student

The List Junkie

Online learning requires self-discipline. The blurred lines between school and everyday life can make stay focused and organized a challenge. After almost a month of being a full-time online student- I have put together my top 5 tips for staying productive.


Before you can be successful, you need to plan for success. As a visual learner, I keep a physical planner handy at all times. Using a calendar app or Google planner works too.

Schedule in all major due dates and keep track of tasks by creating realistic daily checklists. Having small, achievable goals set for each day will keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

PRO TIP: Make tasks VERY specific and list them in order of importance and urgency.

2. Ditch the “multi-tasker” mentality

It’s crucial to master the skill of managing multiple projects at a time. But trying to complete them all at once is…

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