18 things to do at home.

Financial Minimalist

We selected a few things to do, in a time when we stay home much longer than we would like. And it is healthy to keep our eyes on the news, even for short periods of time. Moments like this are suction-giant energy and attention: nothing exists except the feeling of panic, lack of control, anxiety. In addition, social distance closes us in our own homes and our own minds, where things become very narrow. Any way to get out of this and learn something, change the perspective, regain control is essential.


  • the Masters of Scale series audiobooks, created by Reid Hoffman (are condensed business lessons for entrepreneurs, full of tips & tricks, but also humorous),
  • the ones in the How’s Work series, created by Esther Perel (work relationship therapy – fantastic!)
  • And those in the Mind Architect series, created by Paul Olteanu (about how the mind works).
  • The…

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