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1. Try to grow an avocado: it will die in a few weeks, but at least you can say you tried.

2. Plan your next vacation down to the very last detail. We can’t know when it will happen, that’s up to the fates, but we can at least envision how it will take place and what we want to see when we’re there. Ah, Google Images.

3. Discover the weird and wonderful world of absurd tutorials on YouTube. There are a lot of them.

4. Research volunteering opportunities in your city and mark down the most interesting ones. When the quarantines and isolation ends, we’ll still be in a pretty precarious situation. Making a personal contribution is the best way to show the world you care.

5. But also, take this time to learn something that’s… not exactly essential in life, like juggling. Three balls minimum.

6. Overwhelmed by…

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