Traveling Shoes: Galena Illinois

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Greetings Friends!
As you may remember from a previous post, we traveled to Warren Illinois to spend a pioneer Christmas with our eldest daughter in her historic schoolhouse home, est 1877.

While we were there, she took us on a tour of the nearby historic city of Galena.
From Warren to Galena, we drove the Stagecoach trail that once carried travellers and the mail between Galena and Chicago.  We wound through the hills and valleys dotted with farms and barns that have stood for distant generations.

Arriving at the beautifully historic main street was like stepping into a Norman Rockwell Christmas scene.  We parked and walked the bustling street, lined with tourists and shoppers weaving in and out of it’s restaurants and unique shops.  Galena itself is more than beauty and quaint charm, it has history that has been  preserved with much care with 85% of it’s buildings on the…

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