The best tip for decluttering clothes (that I discovered by chance)

Meg The Magpie

So I figured this out after years of watching hours (actual literal hours – no hyperbole intended – even possibly days) of videos and hundreds of articles about decluttering (I became a bit obsessive about having too much stuff and feeling anxious about getting rid of clothes after having to deal with hoarder parents). I know every single method/technique/tip that has been put out there (yes I read the Marie Kondo book before it was SUPER popular, I’ve learned all about minimalism, the coat hanger backwards/forwards tip, etc. etc.)

Well I have to do laundry – and I was just talking to my friend and she was talking about how she has trouble deciding what to get rid of. And of course I interject with advice like – if it doesn’t fit right, if it’s not your style, how I managed to get over years of learned anxiety from my…

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