4 Simple Tips to Make More Time for Yourself

Tiger Lillies and Twine

As a working mom of 2, there have been few times in my life that I could classify conditions to be “slow.” Between swim lessons and dance practice, meal prepping and meal packing, and the countless little things that pop up throughout the day, I often wonder if I will ever get a minute to just breathe.

Again and again you hear the same advice – you have to make time for yourself, but how can you do that when you work 8 hours a day, cart kids around all evening, clean, walk dogs, prep for the next day, and then barely have half an hour before you need to go to bed to get a full night’s sleep? I was constantly wondering what these other moms had that I didn’t, how they were able to get it all done while I was drowning in laundry and cereal-for-dinner…

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